Meet Staff: Jasmina Jahic-Yeo

jasmina_lores_2010Jasmina Jahic-Yeo graduated from the Early Childhood Education Program at Burnaby College, and began her journey as a teacher at Wesbrook PPP in 1998.  Jasmina believes that all children are curious, capable beings full of potential, with views and perspectives to share. Respecting every child’s uniqueness will give them a sense of trust and genuine love. She recognizes that children differ in their strengths and capabilities, and with collaboration between parents and teachers they can achieve their full potential when they are growing in a stimulating environment.  Children need guidance, but also freedom to enjoy their learning journey. Jasmina believes that children learn best through what they do best, and that is play. In the classroom she provides opportunities for rich social experiences where children learn about kindness, empathy and respect for themselves and everyone around them. Her favourite Chinese proverb is about children: “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.”