Karin Fisher

Following completion of my Bachelors Degree (in Communications & Law) from the University of South Africa,  I had the opportunity to reside in Canada where I began my career as a Director in Private Education, specializing in Post Secondary. After 8 years as a Director, I transitioned to instructing high school students, focused on improving their English language competencies and standardized testing prep (SSAT’s, PSAT).  I enjoy collaborating with a diverse multicultural audience, empowering young students and challenging them to excel in and out of the classroom.  As a mom to a 3rd grader, I realized I could also extend my contributions to a younger student body and joined the amazing team at Wesbrook Preschool.  During my time here I have truly enjoyed creating an interactive, collaborative and engaging classroom setting, where toddlers and their families can engage together.  My goal for the classroom is to help toddlers build their social confidence, while engaging in storytelling time, music and our weekly crafting activity alongside the support of their families.