News & Events at Wesbrook Preschool

Two Days of Biking and Fun

Our Bike-a-thon took place on Thursday and Friday, October 15th and 16th. The contest was a fundraising event sponsored by Little Kitchen Academy. This was an event for all the little ones to bring their bikes, trikes, wagons and scooters to Wesbrook to ride along a marked path with their friends.

The basketball courts at Trimble Park, near Wesbrook, were chosen as the venue, and the 3’s and 4’s had their ride there on 15th. The 2’s, whose contest was planned for 16th, pedalled indoor at the preschool due to the rain.

Everyone enjoyed the event to the fullest. All the little athletes were very happy with their gold medal and little trophy. They were cheered on by their families, grandparents, and friends, who had fun just as much as the kids, and made generous donations to support our kids, as they always do..